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Teams and Clubs

Ridgevalley School offers a rich athletic program to its  Junior and Senior High students.  Ridgevalley offers golf, volleyball, cross-country running, basketball, curling, badminton and Track & Field.

Student athletes  travel to other schools by school bus to compete in games or tournaments as well as Zone Championship Tournaments.  The information will be noted on the parent permission form which must be signed and returned to the school before departure otherwise the student will NOT be able to get on the school bus to the game or tournament.

We ask that parents are prompt in picking up their child when the team bus returns to Ridgevalley School at the designated time.  It is important to note that the school will not necessarily be open upon the student return.  In addition, we request your support in picking up your child from practice at the designated time.  Coordination between parents, coach, school and your child is essential to ensure that pick up time is discussed and followed so that no one is left waiting an extra length of time.

Sports Fees must be paid in order for student athletes to participate.  Student athletes must be passing all their courses in order to participate in school sports.

2022 - 2023 Sports


Jr. Girls & Boys VBall - Practice Tues/Thurs 3:16-5:00PM

Sports Fee: $150.00

(Gr. 6 students do not pay sports fee)


Sr. Girls VBall - Practice Mon/Wed 3:16-5:00PM

Sports Fee: $200.00


Cross Country - Noon Practice

Sports Fee: $50.00


Jr. Girls BBall -

Practice: Tues/Thurs @ 3:16-5:00

Sports Fee: $150.00

(Gr. 6 students do not pay sports fee)


Jr. Boys BBall - Practice

Practice: Mon/Wed @ 3:16-5:00

Sports Fee: $150.00

(Gr. 6 students do not pay sports fee)

Jr. Boys BBALL:


Sr. Boys BBall - Practice

Practice: Tues/Thurs @ 5-7:00pm

Sports Fee: $200.00

Tournaments - Sr. Boys BBALL:



Sports Fee: $50.00




Sr High Invitational @ Hillside -



Sr High @ Hillside -

Jr High @ Hillside -



Sr High - 

Jr High -



Sr High - May 1/2


Track & Field

Fee: $50.00

 Districts @ Hillside -


Provincials -