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Athletic Handbook

At Ridgevalley School, we believe that active participation is enriching for every student. This can take many forms including sport. Our history as an athletic school testifies to the quality of our students and to the notion that students find success in many forms. Students can broaden their horizons, and challenge themselves through sport. The problem solving skills and teamwork one learns through sport works to shape an individual for the better. Friendships and support networks students gain through sport can last a lifetime and can strengthen relationships between students and staff inside and outside of the classroom.

Our priority as a school is for high scholastic achievement and we know that the enrichment, skills, and relationships students get from sport work to further increase opportunities and make their school careers all the more valuable.

For our athletes/Info for parents

Please find a copy of the Athletic Handbook:

Sports times and dates: Each sport includes opportunities for both genders of athletes.

Golf – Junior and Senior – Season runs from September.

Cross Country Running – Junior and Senior and Elementary- Season runs from September and October.

Volleyball – Junior and Senior – The season runs from September to November. There are league games for Juniors with tournaments available. Seniors only participate in tournaments and friendly matches.

Basketball – Junior and Senior – The season runs from November to March. There is a Junior league with tournaments available. Seniors only have tournaments and friendly matches.

Badminton – Junior and Senior – The season runs from March to May. There are no leagues but there are opportunities for tournaments.

Track and Field – Junior and Senior – The season runs from May to June and there is a track meet near to the end of the season

These are the current sports offered by our school. We have a wide range of opportunities to participate in tournaments in the district, zone, and province.


High School students must ensure they are enrolled in a minimum of 800 minutes of courses per week (at least half a day, every day or 10 credits of coursework). This must last for the duration of the sport season they are playing, even if it over laps both the winter and spring semester. Students are encouraged to speak with our guidance counselor if they are unsure of their enrollment status.


The coach will arrange times for practice one or two days a week after school. Athletes must notify their parents or guardians of the practice end time to ensure prompt pick-up at the conclusion of practice. We understand that plans can change and other arrangements may have to take place.

For Games, Home and Away

As ambassadors for our school, athletes are to conduct themselves in a way that maintains our high standard of sportsmanship. Supportive language, appropriate physicality, and good conduct are always expected from athletes, coaches, parents, and Raiders supporters.

Students who are absent for the day for legitimate reasons (Doctor's appointment, family function, etc.) will be permitted to play and participate in an after school event. Students who have been home due to illness will be asked to stay home for the event/practice to prevent further illness or contagion. Students who are away on an unexcused absence (skipping etc.) will also will not be allowed to participate and other measures may be taken.

At home games and tournaments, facilities will need to be manned, especially in the cafeteria. This is upon the athletes, parents, and active community members to volunteer time to ensure the event goes successfully. Athletes are also required to stay after games/tournaments and participate in all cleanup duties until they are fulfilled. The coach and other organizing volunteers would love to hear from you to help out on game day!


Bussing is the primary mode of transportation for athletes and their coaches.

With any event away from our school, athletes are required to bring home permission slips and have them signed by their parent or guardian.

We strive to ensure convenience in transportation being that we are in one of the most geographically spread-out communities. When possible, we supply pick up and drop off from DeBolt gas station and the chain-on/chain-off areas of Smokey River Hill.

For Tournaments/Overnight Trips

The coaches and chaperones act 'In loco Parentis' and therefore are legally responsible for the safety and security of the athletes. Coaches follow specific rules that limit what they or the athletes can do independently. All athletes are expected to report their movements to the coach, and the coach has the final say on where the athlete may go. Athletes are expected to act as ambassadors of the school and act in a professional, courteous, and responsible manner. Under no circumstances will a coach place an athlete in danger, nor will the coach accept any behavior by the athlete that puts him or herself or any other individual in danger. Strict consequences will result if any rule is broken.


Fees are required for the sport program, and are used to pay tournament entry fees, as well as supplement facility maintenance, bussing, uniform cost, and equipment. We as a school understand that sometimes these fees can limit some students' participation. Kidstore can assist in reducing the cost of sport fees.


Fundraising is the responsibility of athletes, coaches, and parents and guardians of the athletes. We also rely on the selfless support from community and staff members at large.


Uniforms are costly and need to be cared for in the best way possible. All uniforms must be clean and well-maintained for each game. Washing in cold water and hung to dry are the way to ensure the uniform can be used in the next season.

Academic Integrity

We ensure every student is working to his or her potential and our primary concern is scholastic success. With that, any students who is not passing his or her core courses, and/or has a greater than 10% absence record will have a meeting with the athletic director, admin, their parent or guardian. The student will not be dismissed from the team, only put on academic probation and won't be permitted to participate in our organized sport teams so that she/he will be able to focus more time on his/her studies until his/her marks are back up to an acceptable level; our primary concern as a school.

Health and Fitness 

All athletes are required to work on their physical conditioning, challenging their skills and improving their fitness. We encourage healthful eating choices and awareness of good eating habits. We discourage the eating of junk food of all types but due to the nature of the product, we have a zero tolerance for high-caffeine energy drinks.​

Sports Agreement

All athletes, parents, and coaches are to read and sign our Sports Agreement form. As school sports are designed to enrich a student's educational experience, this form is designed to ensure students take an active role in athletics and as well as maintain their personal standards for learning at school. Parents and coaches sign the form in order to show support for the student athlete's commitment to the Sports Agreement.