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Family School Liaison Worker? What’s that? Oh that’s the counselor!

Well it’s more than just a counselor. The Family School Liaison Worker (FSLW) program is intended to promote children’s social and emotional development; to enhance collaborative work between community, school and family; to enhance family members' social and emotional well-being; and to promote children’s academic development. Or, the short form: help student’s have as positive a school year as possible!
The MD of Greenview funds the FSLW program to provide two full days of service a week at Ridgevalley School. Access to these services is free and confidential to all students and families. Written parent/guardian consent is required.
The FSLW may provide assistance in dealing with academic difficulties, bullying, anger management, dealing with divorce, peer issues, drug and alcohol abuse, grief and loss, or any other issue that students or parents feel would be beneficial to discuss.
Students may be referred to the Family School Liaison Worker by teachers, parents or by the students themselves. Please contact the school for more information or if you have any questions; we are here to help! You can also find information about the programs FCSS offers by clicking here.